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Who We Are?

Enersistem has been established in Ankara in 1984 by a group of engineer, who are experienced on energy, energy saving, combustion and combustion controller issues.


Before the establishment of our company, the founders had taken part  in Energy Saving themed project for three years, which is financed by World Bank. Within the scope of this project, fifteen big institutions, which have equivalent consumption rates to 20 % of the consumed energy at Turkish Industry, examined in terms of energy consumptions, losses, recovery possibilities and then feasibility reports had been prepared.

As a result of this study, which has been carried out first time in Turkey, the gained experience and know-how has formed up Enersistem’s basis and establishment purpose.


Within this coverage, and effectively from 1989, with the help of gas fuel usage in combustion and heating applications, which changing the current solid and liquid fuels based structure, Enersistem’s main fields of activity and its missions are; to lead energy efficient industrial / commercial heating systems applications, and equipment supply.


One of the well known high energy efficient industrial heating systems, which is firstly introduced to Turkish combustion and heating market by Enersistem in 1989 is Gas Fired Tubular Radiant Heating Systems. We are cooperating and distributing AmbiRAD LTD - UK, which is Europe leader in radiant heaters field since 1989. Besides to gas fired tubular radiant heater systems, ceramic and electrical infrared radiant heaters, and gas fired unit air heaters are our other energy efficient heating system ranges.


In addition to our Ankara office, we have opened Istanbul office in 1993, and now try to cover all Turkish market by these two offices.Our company has ISO 9001 Quality  Certificate since 2009. Enersistem has twenty five personnels, five of them are engineers. Besides our own employee and sales force, and being more importantly we have sales partner within the whole Turkey, which is gained during the last thirty years.


We are at your disposal for your contact and detailed information requests about our services and products, which we publicise on internet.

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