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Why Solared?

Because SOLARED is an electrical infrared heater, with 92 % radiant efficiency.

Because SOLARED the sum of short+medium infrared radiation, which is used in infrared radiation, is 84 %.

This ratio can be approximately maximum 53.5 % on other electrical heaters.
Thereby, when compared to other closest technologies, Solared presents 30 % more powerful heating and radiation in the matter of heating directly people without being absorbed by the air; especially under the very bad insulation conditions and at outdoors.

Because SOLARED only heats the space by radiant heating principles.

For other heaters, this situation is like that; radiant+convection or only convection.
It can be easily foreseen that; the heating systems based on mainly convection technique, will have a very poor performance and low sensation in the applications which having bad insulation conditions like outdoor and tent / awning.

Because SOLARED can reach to 90 % power in one second.

This duration is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes for other technologies.

Because SOLARED is the most powerful infrared electrical heater against windy air outdoor conditions.

IR-A / IR-B infrared radiation rates, which have heater's short / medium wave length, and the specialty of not being absorbed by the air, are the basic technical basis that establishes this opportunity. As the heating with convection percent increases on heaters, sensivity to air activity and radiation power, and the decrease of perceivability ratio are also increase by the same ratio.

Solared heater
Solared heater
Solared heater interior view
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